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Returns in your SMS campaigns depends on various factors including sms delivery speed, compliance, security, and  support, and campaign customization options.  It is important to carefully assess all the factors that impact your campaign viability. The SMS service providers that offer mostly low prices often fall short on most of these factors – in fact, their low pricing reflects a lack of investment in SMS gateway infrastructure

See how sms squad do significant perspectives that influence SMS returns?


creating SMS strategies

With SMSsquad

Highlight pressed user assists you with effectively making high commitment campaigns. Be it personalizing  Bulk SMS,sending good language texts, sending with files, or sharing forms and you can do it all in just a few clicks!

With other SMS providers

Limited functionality and poorly designed interfaces make it difficult to go beyond sending plain SMS texts. Simple features such as inserting custom fields, or providing an opt-out path and often missing or need additional plugins.

Progressed Analytics

with SMSsquad

For the first ever you can select the right messsage and in less time by just camparing click rates.you can also track down campaign reasonableness using click through data to an indicator for customer engagement.

With other SMS providers

Sending SMS  like sending sms in nowhere there will be no informative thing that you want to send to your customer and finding the right time to send campaigns remains a surmise work without the right engagement data!

Pro Customer Support

with SMSsquad

Haveing trustsocre of 9.6/10 on trustpilot sms squad is top rated sms srevice provider from the marketing, advertisement and demos also marketing tips to personalized recommendations & and our team always ready to help you.we feel honoured to our customers with irrespective of the deal!

With other SMS providers

They don’t give you the full flugged support they and only give you email support and deal is closed with the purchase.So you will be not good with your customers.