Assured Customer Verification With A Secure Voice OTP Service Platform

Test your cellular network for Voice OTP

Voice OTP service for Businesses
Voice OTP service for Businesses

What is a Voice OTP?

A voice OTP (one-time password) runs over a computerised voice call to enable two-factor authentication. In other words, voice call is typically used in a case where the delivery of an OTP SMS frequently fails. Similarly, a customer can trigger generating an OTP voice during the OTP verification process.

What is Voice Call 2FA Service?
A Voice Call Service generates and sends a set of numbers or characters to the cell phone of the client to confirm a transaction or login session.

Businesses utilize voice OTP service as a method for confirming a client’s identity by making a call to the mobile phone and playing a series of digits. In addition, the 2FA (Two-Factor-Authentication) service works¬† on a world-class voice platform through which it provides reliable voice delivery across the globe

A complete solution for 2FA

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Global Coverage

Deliver your one-time password to users regardless of their location. With SMSSQUAD global coverage spanning 800 networks and 190 countries, in addition, you can deliver your one-time PIN with the best delivery rates and speed available on the market.

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Number Lookup

Save money and increase conversion rates with our number validation. However, we are able to catch invalid numbers as they are entered, making sure your message is headed to a valid number.

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Pin Generation

Our platform provides the back-end logic needed for PIN generation (OTP) so you do not have to. Lastly, each code is tied to an individual user and can only be used once.

Voice Failover

Voice-based 2FA adds the text-to-speech capability to the standard 2FA process, enabling you to place calls and deliver user authentication PIN through voice audio. By adding Voice fail-over message delivery rates can be pushed close to 100 percent.

More to Know About Voice OTP

How can i get an OTP on a call?

In certain cases where SMS delivery fails then OTP is sent through a phone call. However, in those situations where clients prefer to get the OTP over a call, Voice OTP verification can be used. In conclusion, SMSSQUAD can get the OTP generated by your back-end system and send it over a call.

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What are the best two-factor authentication methods?

In recent years, the idea of two-factor verification (2FA), long the safeguard of geeks, has found its way into the mainstream. The most usually used methods are SMS and Voice along with hardware key authenticator apps like Google or Microsoft Authenticator.

what are the advantages of voice Call service?

A Voice OTP service utilises a channel that is safer than SMS as the sequence of digits is heard exclusively by the client over a call versus an SMS noticeable in Messages. After all, the call arrives at the client quicker than an email or a text OTP would.

Voice OTP service for Businesses