SMS Service

HTML Surveys, Forms via SMS

Getting feedback and understanding of customer expectation is becoming difficult nowdays.Reaching a customer on their mobile with survey and feedback forms are a sure-shot way of getting maximum responses.

SMSSQUAD surveys and forms are equipped with industry-standard features to enable you to create and track professional, multi-page surveys in can easily manage the forms and surveys for each recipient using merge field, insert dropdown and more

Measure Campaign Performance Shortlink

Checking past data to know what worked and did not work is the beginning step to detailing a successful marketing campaign.Have all the data that you need at your fingertips with SMSSQUAD. 

Easily get granular click metrics along with who opened the link, click timestamp and device characteristics. You can also conduct A/B tests with different messages, send times, CTAs etc. and use click data to understand what worked best.

Shortlinks do not just help you with metrics, they are also a good way to send URLs in your SMS.Not every one likes to see long url in message.they make SMSES look like spam and unprofessional.

With SMSSQUAD you can easily insert any url in you message and deliver it as a shortlink with SMSSQUAD. SMSSQUAD shortlinks can be sent as unique trackable links to millions of recipients in your Bulk SMS Service campaigns.

Send Unique Personalized Coupons and Tickets to Customers via SMS

Now day mobile voucher and tickers are best way to speed up entry processes.SMSSQUAD helps you in to create easily full-featured mobile tickets and vouchers with unique coupon codes.Send multi-use or single-use vouchers to accurately track the customer activity and lower the likelihood of fraud/re-use. Mobile vouchers, in response to inbound SMS (e.g. when a customer opts-in), are a powerful way to attract new customers and capture their details for on-going communications.

2-Way Communication with Long/Short codes and Missed Call Numbers.

Having a 2-way communication channel open so customers can reach you effortlessly can work wonders for your business. Help your customers reach you easily to seek information about your business, ask for support, give feedback and more with SMSSQUAD keywords, short codes, long codes, missed call numbers and dual VMNs.

With SMSSQUAD Receive Bulk SMS Service and Missed Call Numbers, you can easily set up auto replies, forward incoming request and track every interaction online. 2-way communications are a great way to expand your contact database and effectively manage inbound leads.