Term and Conditions

Simply a heads up, the statements which are featured are especially significant.

These Terms and Conditions have been meaningfully revived to ponder changes in authorization and controls appropriate to the various areas all around to which we give administrations. These terms apply to anyone who utilizes our site. These agreements direct the authentic association among Bulk SMS and its Users. You should peruse these agreements exactly. Individuals using the Website or the Services under any circumstance whatsoever issue themselves and agree to these agreements.

The User along these lines declares and agrees that
(I) All information (counting individual information) given by the User in the midst of Registration is substantial, bona fide and precise and that the User may ensure that all such information is available, gotten done, and legitimate reliably.

(ii) The User should keep up and revive the User’s enlistment data, to keep such data present, finish and authentic.

(iii) The User addresses that he/she is of real age (assuming the User is an individual) and has the fundamental legal leftover to shape a coupling contract with SMSSQUAD and isn’t a man ousted from tolerating Services under the laws of India or other suitable ward.

All singular information given by the User in order to complete Registration may be managed according to the Privacy Policy as may be relevant from time to time.
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Mass SMS Marketing has a safe and strong server farm that guarantees solid message conveyance to versatile administrators across 90 nations. It is great for associations that look to foster Text-based information applications and furthermore for organizations who might want to keep in contact with their clients, providers and staff, as it works with the time basic conveyance of Bulk SMS messages.

The User perceives and recognizes that SMSQUAD may, at its sole watchfulness, deactivate the User’s mysterious key and moreover User Account, or suspend the User’s entry to any Service without see at whatever point. Further, SMSSQUAD keeps up with all position to oust or scratch off any of the Content or keep the course of any Content, without see and without being obliged to give any explanation to something similar. The User subsequently endorses SMSSQUAD to rely upon any data, notice, rule or request equipped by the User to SMSSQUAD, or that SMSSQUAD reasonably acknowledges to have been furnished by such User.
The User perceives and agrees that SMSSQUAD exhibitions essentially as a facilitator in respect of the Services and ought not be in danger or trustworthy in any capacity whatsoever for the Content or another piece of such Service.
Moment Delivery
The User agrees that SMSSQUAD keeps up with whatever authority is expected to can’t, prevent or for the most part restrict the usage from getting the Services by any User, including the advantage to end the use of any Services by any User without see at whatever point under any circumstance as SMSSQUAD in its sole respect might respect satisfactory, or without reason. SMSSQUAD ought not be in danger at all by any means for such refusal, repression or end of the use of any Services by a User at whatever point.
The User agrees that except if by and large showed, any modification of the Services which change the way wherein the Service can be used and furthermore the dispatch of new Services will be at risk to, and likewise coordinated by the ToS and other significant Service Agreements.
The User perceives that SMSSQUAD doesn’t expect a certain or unequivocal commitment seeing the Content set aside just as disseminated by the User through the Site. The User moreover recognizes and agrees that all assertions and speculations conveyed by the User are the sole affirmations and sensations of such User and don’t actually address SMSSQUAD appraisals. Any person who believes that any Content set aside just as disseminated on the Site or circled through the Site by any User infringes any law, is kindly requested to contact SMSSQUAD at the going with email address sales@SMSSQUAD.com

Discount expressions for Fraud or Spam Content
We don’t permit Fraud or Spam messages over our organization ,
We wont permit such substance and any installments or client balance will be forfieted and will not be discounted in such cases, with the goal that it helps us in recuperating any
panelties imposed by the basic administrators.
SMSSQUAD won’t catch, screen, copy or uncover any User messages or individual information about the User or the User’s SMSSQUAD record, phonebook or Msisdn’s, other than in the normal course of the use of the Services, without the User’s previous approval except if SMSSQUAD entrusts as per some essential trustworthiness that such action is critical to find a place with legal requirements, to collaborate or follow real interaction, assessments, summonses, summons, etc, to guarantee and monitor the privileges, property or truly protectable energy of SMSSQUAD, the User or other untouchable, to maintain any of the game plans of these agreements or to get SMSSQUAD’s business or reputation. The User agrees that SMSSQUAD might get to its record and message substance for the reasons portrayed above without see and remembering the ultimate objective to respond to organization or specific issues and that SMSSQUAD might talk with the User every so often for purposes including, but not compelled to, passing on information concerning any updates, redesigns, sees, or different information.
A recipient of a message has the advantage to know the personality of the sender, and this will be uncovered on request to the recipient.
Clients agree that SMSSQUAD might make use of a User’s profile and record information for non-individual quantifiable purposes.
Clients agree that they probably won’t manhandle any security laws, controls or proper certain principles relating to the protection of individual information of End Users including anyway not limited to names, addresses, email areas, landline and wireless numbers and ought not uncover the singular information of end customers to any pariah spare without the express consent of the End User or where especially required or permitted by law to do all things considered.
All substance, brand names and data on this site, including yet not confined to programming, data sets, content, delineations, images, hyperlinks, private information, and plans are the property of or approved to SMSSQUAD, and taking everything into account, are protected from infringement by neighborhood and widespread establishment and settlements. Dependent upon the privileges remained to the User in this, each and every other ideal to all ensured development on this site are expressly held.
SMSSQUAD ought to permit a User an individual, individual, non-sublicensable, non-world class and non-adaptable grant (“the License”) to use its select programming or conceivably application benefit, in fight code outline just, and similarly according to the relevant User documentation, expecting to be any, and simply related to the critical Services. The User may not, clearly or indirectly, sort out, de-fuse, destroy or for the most part attempt to develop the source code or essential musings or estimations of the item; change, interpret, or make auxiliary works taking into account the item/application; copy (beside recorded purposes), rent, lease, spread, consign, or by and large trade privileges to the item/application; use the item/application for timesharing or organization office purposes or for the most part for the benefit of a pariah; or remove any prohibitive warning or checks regarding SMSSQUAD things just as organizations. The User perceives that SMSSQUAD and its licensors hold liability regarding authenticity applications, programming, secured advancement and any parts or copies there of, and generally privileges in that. Interminable inventory of the Services under any circumstance, this License will end and the User may wreck and stop to use all item and applications in its possession. The item is given and applications are advertised “as is by all accounts” and dependent upon the Service ensure disclaimers and limitations of commitment found elsewhere in these agreements. It is the obligation of the User to test the Services should they wish prior to going into this assention.
The mistake of one or the other social affair to rehearse in any respect any advantage obliged in this will not be viewed as a waiver of any further privileges here under. If any game plan of these agreements is seen to be unenforceable or invalid, such term(s) or condition(s) ought to be severable from the remainder of the agreements. The remainder of the agreements probably won’t be affected by such unenforceability or shortcoming and should remain enforceable and material.

Payment Terms

The User agrees that SMSsquad reserves the right to charge the User for use of any Services at the rate and in the manner as may be decided by SMSsquad from time to time (Consideration). The User acknowledges and agrees that SMSsquad shall have no obligation to justify the amount of Consideration charged for any Service or be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever to the User in respect of such Consideration.

The User shall pay Consideration for all Services through use of Credit Card, net banking or offline mode by cheque or demand drafts against which Credits will be issued which shall be utilized for availing Services subject to the terms and conditions for the use of such Credits. The User shall pay Consideration in advance for the use of any Services.

SMSsquad shall not under any circumstances, be liable to refund after 3 days any money paid by a User for use of the Services, whether by way of purchase of Credits or otherwise.

The Commercials mentioned here are subject to change/modification from time to time depending on the change in commercials offered by Network Operator(s) and or Statutory Body. Such changes shall be communicated to the registered e-mail ID with SMSsquad or the same shall be communicated on the home page of SMSsquad website.

In case you have any requests, inquiries or wish to pose for approval to use any piece of this Website, including, interfacing, binding, or looking for, if it’s not too much trouble, reach out to us at the going with area, which address may be the location at which any legal notice or reports ought to be needed to be served: