How SMS marketing can benefit your business

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SMS marketing is probably the easiest way of business communication. Recently, text messaging was primarily utilised for personal discussions. When the world witnessed a steep increase in smartphone usage the businesses began to understand the significance of SMS advertising. Businesses began to show their interest in Text Marketing they started to make strategies to promote SMS advertising.
According to research by Deloitte, 8% of the total population has visited the stores. And made purchases when they received promotional offers on text messages. 29% of the targeted clients responded to messages. Also 47% of the people who reacted go further to make a purchase. Messages are the favoured medium by clients to communicate with businesses. 9 out of 10 individuals pick messages as the method for keeping themselves informed about business communication. This cannot be exclusively used to connect with existing clients but also to explore new clients.

SMS Marketing

Advantages Of SMS Marketing That Will Assist You To Nourish Your Business:

1. High open rates

One of the top advantages of Bulk SMS  marketing is that text messages have affordable rates when compared with calls or emails. 98% of the messages sent are being opened within the first 3 minutes.  With the help of text marketing service,  it has become a shelter to all enterprises for speedy and successful client service.

2. Better conversion rate

Indeed, even with the high usage of text messaging via apps, the advantages of text messages in enterprises are plenty. For example, SMS witnesses a good conversion rate over the competitors. Audiences preferably like to visit your business.  Further, they take action on offers or promotions shared through SMS than using some other marketing service.

3. It is cheap

To add to the advantages of Bulk SMS marketing further are Cloud messaging services, which make text marketing cost-effective. Cloud messaging providers offer Bulk SMS choices via SMS API or their platform. They help businesses to connect with a large number of clients in simple steps. Text marketing is more budget-friendly than any other marketing service like billboards, TV ads, mobile ads, or magazines.

4. Greater audience reach

Increase in usage of smartphones, Statistic reports that in 2018, 52.2% of all traffic was produced through cell phones around the world, it makes the Text marketing the best choice of communication for many businesses. One of the top benefits of SMS in business is that getting a message doesn’t need an internet connection; simply a functioning phone is sufficient. With the great use of mobile phones, Text marketing is achieving heights. Businesses can use the opportunity to get in touch with their audience at their fingertips which gives them the benefit of reaching a larger audience.

5. Instant delivery

In order to get the benefit of text messaging for businesses, one should guarantee they are linked with the best Cloud communication supplier that has powerful and secure network operators across the world. This network operator can be of incredible use when organisations need to send time-bound OTPs.

6. Campaign success visibility

When a Bulk SMS marketing campaign is activated.  The next important thing businesses need to do is to keep eye on the performance. They can utilise these details to design their Text marketing strategies, and reach the right clients to gather their attention. Cloud communication suppliers offer constant information. They also offer full graphical analytics, as the quantity of messages sent, timestamps, the current status of the message, whether the message has been delivered or whether the message has been read by the customer, which browser was used to visit, and much more. Such information helps businesses in understanding their targeted group, how effective the campaign was, and what steps should be taken into account for the future campaign so that the businesses can gain more clients.

7. Flexible and reliable SMS marketing

Businesses can use text message services to declare an ongoing sale give discount coupons, offers, or provide information to the clients about another store that has opened close by, send appointments updates, and much more. Yet, SMS offers restricted space to convey their story. Businesses, subsequently, need to utilise the 160-characters sensibly to reach clients in a powerful and significant manner. Since most parts of the messages sent through a Cloud communication supplier are encoded, it gives a reliable and safe for businesses to arrive at their clients efficiently. SMSsquad’s Cloud messaging platform conveys 3 Billion messages on a normal consistently through its Alerts and Promotional messaging service. Regardless of whether it’s conveying an OTP within milliseconds or sending offers, updates, discounts, and so forth SMSsquad‘s Notifications platform does everything.