Get your hands on the promotional voice calling feature of SMSSQUAD that will benefit your business .

Promotinal Voice Call
What Is Promotional voice Call

Promotional voice call is the communication feature that allows you to send voice mail or voice call to interact with the customers. In other words, you can call the customers directly so, that you can deliver on-point business voice messages. However, this voice call service is pre-recorded voice message and it is delivered by an automated Promotional Voice Call application.

What we provide
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Reserve Caller ID

Firstly, get a reserved caller ID to broadcast your automated voice messages.

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Text To Speech

The AI systems are fully automated and similarly it can effortlessly convert the text you input, into speech.

Call Back

Worried about missed calls? Get a call back advantage with our new Cloudshope technology.

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Scheduling & Rescheduling Calls

In addition, our panel allows you to schedule your voice campaign on future dates defining a specific time and date.

Types of voice Calls

Voice is the best way to communicate with your customers. However, it is personal and is not limited by the language barrier. Here is how you can use our voice service.

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Outbound IVR ( With Realtime Agent Transfer )

Make outbound calls efficiently with one click without the need to manually dial-up the mobile numbers.

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Extension based Voice Call

In addition, this allows businesses to share a few lines among many employees since not everyone will be making external calls at the same time.

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Simple Voice Call

The facility of a classic simple voice call is also provided by Cloudshope technology. Similarly, it makes voice call more efficient.

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Smart Voice Call

Reduce call abandonment with smart call queue. Above all, you can quickly connect customers with available agents.

Benefits of Promotional Voice call

A pre-recorded voice message is delivered to a mass contact list through a completely computerised web-based system. However, the whole calling process is automated and no operator or intermediates are involved. Once, the pre-recorded message is set to run to the predefined contacts list through user-centric online control panel contact, the system will begin sending calls to the registered recipient. When the recipient gets the call, the message will begin playing automatically.

Several benefits make voice calls the best marketing technique.

  1. Increase your revenue and enhance ROIs.
  2. Availability of multiple languages.
  3. Eco-friendly promotional strategy (zero paper usage).
  4. No hardware or software required.
  5. Upgrade client acquisition and maintenance.
  6. Personalised product promotion technology.
  7. Pay only as per voice call received.
  8. Reach landline number as well as cell phone.
  9. Usage-based payment with no set-up or subscription fee.