Mobile Marketing

Think when you are without your cell phone. Is it difficult to come up with one? Nowadays it seems we’re rarely without our smartphones. They are now became an important part of our lives. We are connected not by roads or sidewalks but rather by signals. Also, if you have a signal, then you have a relationship with a marketer.

Mobile marketing service is a best way to promote your products or services. In recent years this form of marketing has enjoyed huge popularity. Mobile marketing involves marketing messages, price comparisons, reviews, advertisements, ads and other content delivered to personal mobile devices. These devices include cellphones, watches, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Mobile marketing is a new field. One can engage a customer at any time of the day, regardless of location. Mostly, advertisers use this marketing tool to market their brand. As well as business enterprises of all kind use mobile marketing technology to promote their products or services. These days, this marketing tool is in high demand. Nowadays, traditional marketing methods are not in high demand by advertisers.  Despite the fact that TV, radio, newspapers, and billboards all play a role in promoting brands.

In recent years, email marketing has additionally become famous as a marketing tool. But if you compare these two marketing tools, you will definitely  find that mobile marketing is more popular with advertisers than email marketing.With the rise of short message service (SMS), mobile phone marketing has gained popularity.

In early 2000’s, SMS service has became popular in some parts of Asia as well as in Europe when various companies began collecting phone numbers and sending content to the suitable customers. Sending Promotional SMS is very important so that the customer became aware about our product or service. If SMS is not send to customer’s client others can delete it without even reading the content. But keeping this thing in mind who are the customers, as it is critical to know who the customers are before sending SMS in bulk.

The significance of Mobile Marketing

As we know, a large part of the world’s population has access to internet via mobile phones rather than desktops or laptops. With the Mobile Transfer feature, clients can connect to the world anytime, anywhere by means of the Internet. Here are a few reasons that may explain the significance of mobile marketing nowadays:

  •  Availability of fast service at all times: People who want simple and fast service. You are searching for a service provider who can meet your necessities at any time and is not difficult to reach. A company can contact a client with mobile marketing technology. The client can simply send an opinion.
  • Mobile phones have become an integral part of life: Mobile phones are a fundamental part of day to day life. It can be taken anywhere with ease. It is also a popular tool for e-commerce.
  • SMS marketing:  SMS and MMS marketing brings a major change in marketing. Presently clients get offers and discounts or get notification of the sale through SMS or MMS.
  • Mobile phones are not only used for e-shops but also in physical stores:  Physical stores also use mobile services for the delivery of advertising and services. Now many stores hold your number to notify you of special discounts and offers.
  •  Importance of mobile advertising: Advertising on mobile sites or directly on cell phones seems to be more efficient in marketing.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

These days, most of the people spend their time on phones. They start and end their day on the mobile phone. This implies that compared to the PC’s your website is visited on a cell phone. so, you need to have a good strategy to improve your business based on mobile marketing.

Now, the companies need to change their business model to attract mobile phone users to the internet. Most important mobile marketing strategies include social media marketing, SMS marketing, location-based marketing, proximity marketing, and in-app marketing. Let’s have a brief look here.

1) SMS Marketing: SMS marketing is marketing by means of text messages.It is also known as text marketing.One reason SMS marketing is powerful mobile marketing strategy as text messages have high deliverability, engagement rates and open. SMS marketing is a permission-based mobile marketing strategy where you send coupons, promotions, deals,alerts and directly to potential customers’ phones by means of text messages of 160 characters or less.

2) MMS Marketing: Texts, audios ,graphic slideshows and videos can be send to the users via MMS to market your business or product. With the help of marketing you can understand the nature of customer. You can analyse customer needs and help them through MMS.

3) Social Media: Numerous smartphone owners use them to access social media. Pew Internet shows that around the world, Facebook and WhatsApp are very popular, used by 62% and 47% of people respectively. As you all know that the social media platform have billions of users, so it makes sense to use social media as one of your main mobile marketing strategies.

Through social media you can easily create a personal connection with your customers via comments and messages. With the help of this you can make your business more appealing with customer recommendation. And you can timely update your strategy to get good out of customer recommendations.

4) Location-based functions: Locally-related functions are performed straightforwardly from the cellular network. It is utilised to send advertisements or other information based on their location to clients .

5) Voicemail: Vendors can send voicemails or instant messages without ringing the doorbell to market their business.