Colleges or universities are mostly using text messaging to remain in touch with the students. Its immediate nature makes it an effective way to contact faculty. The medium for sending a text message is a mobile phone. Mobile phones are helpful to students in many ways. It won’t be wrong to say, in this modern era no person will leave his/her house without taking mobile phones. Students use cell phones for taking notes, communication, research, social media, and much more. Various Text messages are sent and received on daily basis among subscribers. It is no big surprise that most of the universities use text messages for their students and teachers. Here are a few ways how text messaging¬†service can benefit students:

Text messaging


Consider how situations could have been avoided with events, for example, the Virginia Tech massacre where 32 students and staff were victims. The entire campus could have been alerted with a single push of the send button so as to, warn of risk inside and outside the perimeter of the university. Students check their SMSes directly and this appears to be the secured and fastest form of communication. However, this is the main reason why universities use instant messages for the security and well-being of everybody.


Storms, earthquakes, and numerous calamities happen all around the world. It regularly cause a lot of damage and huge loss of life. It is undeniable that these problems are occurring at an alarming rate and nobody is saving, not even the big developed countries. The truth is that disasters happen at the same time in various states and nations. In such situations, universities can also use text messages to notify students and teachers about security and prevention. Though this will help universities to reach the entire campus within no time and this could be possible because of the text message service.


Text messaging services are helpful for broadcasting updates and information, for instance, class schedule updates, or training sessions, last-minute lecture room changes, reminders and much more. A teacher can use the service to notify his class about possible updates or cancellations at the last minute. Likewise, the head of the department can easily send the text message informing their subordinates for emergency meetings or any other important update.

Since text messages are receiving much importance, all news, reminders and particularly warnings are received right away. Indeed, time is crucial and bulk text messages reach what other tech media cannot. No internet connection is needed to get the notices. After all, it can benefit both the school and the students.

Similarly, with the help of Bulk SMS Service software, colleges of applied sciences can without any problem include text messages into their system. It is easy to understand that anybody can send message without being dependent on an operator. However, usability, speed and reliability are the main reason why universities use Text Message service.

The initial step to effective SMS communication is to formulate a complete text message strategy. This should disclose in which circumstance to send messages and which audience to send them to. It should likewise explain the structure texts should take. For example, Universities strategy states that messages should be no longer than 160 characters, address the recipient directly with the pronoun you.

Messages should be enhanced by emails in addition to posts on the college site. Information should be reviewed quarterly to ensure contact information is up-to-date. It’s also essential to conclude which messages should be chosen: many colleges send urgent messages to all contacts via SMS.