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Bulk SMS service, also known as Bulk text messaging, Bulk Messaging, Business SMS, SMS Marketing, SMS software or even Text message marketing, are the best way to bring into sharp focus the brand name. Cellular networking has established itself as a boom in the world of technology, everything you need is just at a text’s speed away from you. It has revolutionized the branding and promoting the concept, modernized the virtual ways of connecting and boosted the sales of the brand in much larger proportions.

Bulk SMS Services are more suitable as compared to the fliers used for advertising, spams that are lost in the account or simply escape the vision of the mortal eye. But with the prevalence of mobile phones and the advent of technology, marketing through text messages is the simplest way to get noticed. Thanks to the notification option in the smartphones that help in reminding the same if the text is left unread.The bulk sms service is game changer to your business.

What’s the purpose of transactional SMS vs. promotional SMS ?

To break it down simply: consider what kind of reaction you’re hoping to get from your customers. Define what your business goals are through an SMS campaign, the actions you want to drive your customers to make, and if there is a specific metric you’re hoping the campaign will improve. Answering these questions will help you decide which type of message you should send.

For example, if you’re hoping to increase website traffic, customer engagement, customer retention, or purchase rate, you’ll want to consider promotional SMS. This is a great opportunity for your brand because promotional SMS messages containing coupons are redeemed 10 times more than coupons being promoted in other ways.

However, if you’re hoping to build brand credibility, foster a positive relationship, or educate your customers about important details so they depend on your brand for information, then transactional SMS may be a good solution. In fact, more than 50% of customers prefer transactional SMS over other forms of communication for support-related topics.

Some businesses often use both types of SMS strategies, especially ecommerce brands. It’s common for ecommerce stores to send targeted customers details about a new product launch, a coupon code, or news about a sale. If you’ve given a brand your phone number, it’s likely you’ll get these types of promotional messages. However, many ecommerce brands also use transactional SMS to provide shipping updates to customers, too. Your business isn’t restricted to one type of strategy, and both can help drive success in different ways as long as you provide value.