Bulk SMS messaging services enable organisations to communicate with a big number of people in a short amount of time. Bulk messaging helps any type of organisation to strategically organise their communication, whether it’s a startup looking to reach out to potential clients or an established firm looking to expand internationally. India now has 761 million smartphone users, with the number expected to rise to 966 million by 2023. SMS is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with your customers.

Here’s a list of the best 10 Bulk SMS providers in India, based on aspects like maximum returns, customer service, sophisticated SMS APIs, scaling flexibility, clear costs, data security, and low downtime. This list will offer you with extensive information on the best Bulk SMS providers in the business. After you’ve figured out what your organisation needs, you’ll be able to choose the best SMS service based on its features.

There are several Bulk SMS services to select from in India. Price comparisons alone will not assist you in locating the best SMS service providers for your company. It’s critical to examine each component that influences the quality, quantity, and efficacy of your customer communication.


SMSSQUAD is the number one bulk SMS provider on this lisT With its services, SMSSQUAD delivers universal coverage. Transactional and promotional SMS, as well as OTP APIs, are among the services they offer.
SMSSQUAD is the most well-known name in the industry of bulk SMS services. SMSSQUAD is known for providing high-quality services. Some of its characteristics distinguish it from the competition:
SMSSQUAD’s user-friendly design and reliable technology make it an excellent alternative for any marketer. SMSSQUAD is trusted by millions of people for their bulk SMS needs. You can start sending Bulk SMS as soon as you have Rs. 10 in your wallet.If you are a startup looking to build your firm gradually, there is no need to invest a significant sum of money. SMSSQUAD also offers flash SMS, unicode SMS, and other features. There are no drawbacks to using SMSSQUAD’s services. You can contact our support team if you have any problems or questions.


A UK-based brand that is actively expanding into the Indian market in collaboration with IMI Mobile, which also owns the mvaayoo brand.

TextLocal is a UK-based company that also provides services in India. It was founded in 2005. Businesses can use the SMS gateway provider’s online platform, API, email, or plugins to deliver transactional and promotional messages.
It generates real-time reports to assist businesses in keeping track of the SMS they send. It also offers a variety of SMS packages for businesses to pick from, albeit the rates may be higher than the market average.



Spring Edge is designed for developers that want to implement SMS capabilities with code in a simple way. Two-way communication, SMS messaging, and client loyalty programmes are among their services. It has multi-channel connection and built-in libraries in practically all languages and platforms.


Infobip is the world’s leading omnichannel communication company. They make it their mission to make it easier for brands to connect with, engage, and delight their customers around the world. The programmable communications platform includes a toolkit for expanded client engagement and support, as well as security and authentication.
Infobip makes this available to you via the greatest possible range of communication channels.
They assist organisations and developers in constructing, coordinating, and intelligently orchestrating all engagement activities across their customers’ lifecycles, as well as providing a customizable single interface within a scalable and user-friendly communication platform.


Gupshup uses conversational messaging to improve client engagement. Gupshup is the world’s most popular conversational messaging platform, with over 6 billion monthly messages sent. Thousands of large and small businesses in emerging regions use Gupshup to create conversational experiences in marketing, sales, and customer service across verticals.

GupShup, a more established and older company, is based in Silicon Valley but serves customers all around India. Beerud Sheth, who is also the founder of Elance, started the company (now Upwork). Messaging APIs, WhatsApp and RCS solutions, and chatbots are among the company’s offerings.


In India, BhashSMS is a low-cost bulk SMS provider. Clients can call any cell number with ease. Their services are available on laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones.




Digimiles’ major area of expertise is providing free SMS trials. It provides an easy-to-use mass messaging dashboard that is dependable, adaptable, and secure for SMS marketing. Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, Bulk SMS API, and OTP SMS are among the services they offer.




It is well-known for its REST API-based cloud mobile computing. OTP has a 2-6 second average delivery time and charges per delivery. HTTP APIs for sending bulk SMS online, OTP verification, bulk SMS marketing campaigns, transactional SMS, CRM, and shopping cart software are all available from 2Factor.



The organisation, which was founded two decades ago, provides SMS gateway services in India as well as other nations such as South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Bulk SMS offers both people and businesses application-to-person (A2P) messaging services. It lets clients transmit messages for things like competitions, voting, information services, promotions, and customer relationship management.

Clients can control their SMS communication via the web portal, desktop application, or iOS mobile application, which is a unique feature of this bulk SMS service provider in India.